Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter tires or All Season tires for this winter?

I was currently 8th in line to get my tires installed at Walmart when
customer service said "we are only processing three more cars for the
day". Everyone was furious for having to wait 30-45 minutes in line
just to be turned away. I can't believe everyone procrastinates and
waits for the first snowfall warning before getting winter or all
season tires installed.

I drove off to the closest garage in the area that would service tires
- Canadian Tire. I stood in line and was 9th in the queue. I noticed
one of the other customers from Walmart ahead of me and possibly
others. When it was that customer's turn, the customer rep shook his
head and said they have too much work. It was very promising for me
either and sure enough, the next openning was 4 days from now at 4pm.
I put my name down and left.

I drove over to King George and knew there were a few garages in the
area. I went to Country Tire and was luck they were still taking
walk-ins. They charged $20/tire compared to $12.99/tire at Walmart or
$24.99/tire at Canadian Tire. They also mostly had used tires, from
All Seasons to M&S to Winter tires. I bought my tires new from Walmart
at $89.99 which I thought were a good price when compared with the
Michellin tires at $190. Country Tires sold my tires used as low as
$60/tire so I wondered if I could have saved more. They do look
re-threaded and I didn't want put my family's safety at risk by going
with All Season tires or used. The argument against going with All
Season tires is that I would want the most traction, and arguments for
is that I wouldn't have to replace the 4 tires when winter is over
possibly spending another $80 to get my old Michellins put back in.

I weighed my options and decided on new winter tires. Don't know much
about tires to play around with the different options out there. Your

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