Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The hunt for a preschool or daycare

We took Kyle over to his first ever Strong Start program help at a local Elementary School. This program is a ministry of education subsidized (free) daycare for 2-3 hours and is similar to storytime at Guildford library. Its not quite like preschool because no teaching programs are offered and not quite daycare because a caregiver/parent has to be there with Kyle. They do have private preschools but for a fee. We looked at two other privately held preschool and am currently comparing prices. One of the preschools we saw was at a home at Morgan Creek area and they charge $19/day for preschool. Another one we looked at was $110/month for twice a day, at a church but this is in a group setting with as many as 60 kids. Not quite comfortable with that yet because I think Kyle may need to start out with a smaller group. I'm also looking at the Child Care Subsidy application forms to see if we can qualify for that. We may be able to save a few by doing that. Anyone have experience with the childcare subsidy application process?

I'm just excited for Kyle's first day at Strong Start yesterday and look forward to signing up with a private preschool maybe in late fall or early next year.

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