Tuesday, November 4, 2008

kyle's baptism - a story of miscommunication

Its been a couple of months now since we had kyle's baptism (september 21) and I still can't get over how the church administration and I did not connect on the correct date. Imagine arriving at the church with all your guests only to find out that the priests weren't expecting to perform a ceremony because it wasn't booked. From my point of view, we did everthing expected like attend the debriefing a month earlier, then submit the forms plus payment. A week before the baptism and I get a call saying that the Sept 21st date was not possible because father didn't run baptism ceremonies on the third Sundays of the month. At this point we had booked the reception and sent out the invites. After explaining the immovable date to church administration responsible for father's schedule, she said not to worry because she will ask father and make it work. It may have to be father's assistant but she'll make it work. That was it. I didn't have to call back to confirm (big mistake) so on the day of the baptism we started to point blame at each other about things that were promised but not recorded anywhere. Grace almost cried and I was stressed. We got it to work however by asking kindly what we could do now that we were in the predicament we were in. It all worked out.
Moral of the story is to always confirm and keep an open channel for communication whenever you deal with scheduling an event. It will save you from any grief.

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