Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snowboarding at Seymour Mountain

Every year on April, my work sets up a couple of fitness activities and encourages all employees to participate by paying for all the lessons and rentals for that activity. The most popular is Snow Day, which includes skiing, snowboarding, toboganning, and snow shoeing. I have been taking the beginner lessons in snow boarding for a couple of years now. This year, I thought I would try the intermediate level and was lucky enough to get the lesson instructor to myself because all the others that signed up for the same level couldn't make it. I was able to again try our toe- and heel-edge, and was also able to link turns. The one thing I need to work on is on making the S-turns consistently without falling on my ass. I think I just need to work on my leg muscles more in order not to get leg cramps very early on. I love snowboarding but just wish I had the stamina for it.

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Anonymous said...


After all these years, can you actually snow board. I have fond memories of the time we went up. Because another group's member had an accident, we had the instructors to ourselves and I found the one on one to be great, but you still had troubles with your balance and favouring one foot.

Steve Makuch