Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas and New Years 2007 - a recap

We had a blast this past holiday season. We spent Christmas at my sister Ruby's house. It was nice because all of my family was at the table for some vietnamese style hot pot dinner. I do try and enjoy these yearly gatherings as much as possible because I know that it can't last. My wife and I had to dash over to Sid's house then to Ninang May's house. It was tough driving around in the eve of Christmas and I think I would have rather stayed in one place that night - my sister's house. During New Years, we hosted it at our new house. We had help from Ate Marlene and I'm so grateful for that because I didn't want my wife to get overworked. I did try to help as much as I could in the kitchen but having Ate Marlene around for the food preparation was paramount. Couldn't have done it without her. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing until the countdown. It was the biggest turnout for a long time and we are glad. Nice to start 2008 with family and friends.

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