Thursday, August 2, 2007

Victoria weekend trip

Philip, Ava, Grace, and myself stayed overnight at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria just to experience what the castle was like. It was much older than I had anticipated and the hotel was just ok. The ferry trip was nice. It's been a while since we saw the open sea. After we checked in to the hotel, we went out for dinner and walked around town. It was so windy and cold that Saturday and we didn't bring anything warm to wear. Great! The next day, we hit the Parliament Building, watched a parade go by, and headed out to the Buchard Garden. As good as I remembered it but not sure if the price was raised since because I could have sworn it was less than $25 ea. Overall, the trip was memorable except for the long wait at the ferry coming home. I think we waited for over 3 hours before boarding and that didn't include the trip back home after we got back to the mainland. We may fly by Harbour Sea Plane next time. :)

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